Surveillance Video Monitoring and Recording Solution

Many business and government agencies have built extensive surveillance camera network for monitoring purpose. Although surveillance camera displaying and recording devices are widely available, the inexpensive hardware-based devices lack the flexibility and scalability many enterprise customers require. No apps may be able to run on the devices to perform additional data analysis. Mividi’s software-based monitoring and recording products provide flexibility and scalability to meet these challenges.

Multiviewer monitoring of surveillance camera network

Multiviewer Camera Stream Monitoring

The Mividi IP Streaming multiviewer monitoring system (WSM120) provides an ideal solution to render video streams for visual monitoring and inspection. The system includes the following key features:

  • Supports multiple streaming protocols, including UDP, RTP, RTSP, HLS, etc.
  • Flexible Multiviewer configuration with different number of video player panels, panel locations and sizes
  • Support full screen display and sound output
  • Dynamic switch of URLs to display different streams
  • Encode the multiviewer screen for remote view of multiviewer display
  • Auto alarms after detect stream errors including:
    • Loss of input stream, video or audio components
    • Video and audio decoding errors
    • Black and frozen frames
    • No audible sound

The Mividi multi-viewer system offers a number of benefits in comparison to the normal security monitoring systems:

  • Flexible: The system can support any number of video panels which is only limited by the computer hardware capacity
  • Scalable: Multiple servers can work together to monitor a large number of streams
  • Extensible: The software runs on Windows OS so many Windows applications can be used to manage the system and perform data analysis

Surveillance Camera Stream Recording

In addition to visual display of surveillance camera streams in the multiviewer, the Mividi video recording system (AMR130) provides a very powerful, flexible and scalable systems for recording camera streams. The AMR130 includes the following key features.

  • Supports multiple streaming protocols, including UDP, RTP, RTSP, HLS, etc.
  • Simultaneously records up to 150 streams in a single server.
  • Support video transcoding to minimize storage space.
  • Schedules recording on specific time period and auto-repeat daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Manages and Cuts and merges recording files.
  • Plays back recording files, with fast forward and frame by frame display.
  • Supports recorded data query and report generation.
  • Audio alarms for following error conditions:
    • Loss of input signals
    • Recording stopped for any reason
    • Computer hard drive is full

The benefit of using software-based recording system includes:

  • Efficient: Can record a large number of streams simultaneously using a single server.
  • Scalable: Multiple servers can work together to monitor a large number of streams.
  • Easy to use: The recorded files are managed by Windows and can be easily searched, edited and played back recorded files using Windows Apps.
  • Integration: Support multiple choices of storage options including local hard drives and network attached devices.
Real-time Recording Status Recorded Files

Surveillance Camera Signal Quality Monitoring

To support mission critical surveillance streams, operators need to make sure that all cameras and network is working properly. In such circumstances, operators want to monitor the status of the surveillance systems and quality of video streams, and be alerted if any issues are being found. These issues may include loss of input signal, video frozen, loss of audio, blocked cameras, and noisy audio, etc. The Mividi IP video quality monitoring system (TSM100) provides an ideal solution for surveillance stream quality monitoring. The system includes the following key features:

  • Measure overall stream bitrate and audio/video elementary stream bitrate
  • Monitor the loss of input, video or audio stream
  • Monitor video and audio decoding errors
  • Monitor packet loss and jitter
  • Monitor video frame quality
  • Monitor black and frozen frames
  • Monitor audio loudness level and loss of audio sound
  • Error alerts can be communicated via SNMP trap, e-mail, SMS and audio

The benefit of using stream quality monitoring system includes:

  • Reliable: Issues in surveillance network are discovered immediately and users are alerted when there are problems in the video streams
  • Easy to use: Software based solution which runs on regular Windows servers or workstations
  • Efficient: Each system can monitor up to 300 streams
  • Scalable: Multiple servers can work together to monitor a large number of streams
Stream List for Quality Analysis Stream Analysis Detail

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