Encompass Digital Media Uses Mividi Solution for Monitoring IPTV Quality in NOC

Project Overview

Encompass Digital Media is a global technology services company for video delivery to support broadcast, cable and digital media service providers. The company designs, implements and operates reliable video solutions that capture, process and deliver clients’ video content from any source, in any format, to any destination in the most efficient manner possible.

The company operates several NOCs around the world to monitor video delivery services for their customers. In each NOC, a large number of video streams need to be monitored in real-time. These video streams can be in different streaming formats, including TS over UDP, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH as well as multiple video encoding formats include MPEG2, H.264, H.265, and multiple audio formats as well. The input streams may also be transcoded and reformatted to be delivered to CDN for Internet broadcasting. To monitor all input and output streams working correctly, Encompass requires a reliable monitoring system to monitor and trouble-shoot stream errors automatically.

Summary of Key Monitoring Requirements

  • Synchronization and control through central management system
  • Remote access to the monitoring and test results by Encompass employees and customers
  • Mosaic view of monitored services
  • Alarm for video and audio errors including frozen and black frames, loss of audio and video components, and audio silence.
  • TR 101 290 transport stream error detection including all three priority level errors, such as Continuity Counter errors, Transport Stream Sync errors, PID missing errors, metadata table errors, PCR errors, no data on video or audio PID
  • Comprehensive analysis on both TS and IP layers
  • Monitoring and recording of SCTE35 messages
  • High-bandwidth monitoring capability which can monitor over 100 transport streams simultaneously in a single system
  • Auto alarms when errors are detected
  • Report generation

The Monitoring System Deployment Diagram

To meet the monitoring requirements, Encompass NOCs in Connecticut (USA), Atlanta(USA) and Argentina use several different Mivid systems, including IP Video Monitoring System (TSM100) and Multiviewer Monitoring System (IMS120) for monitoring all types of video streams. Below is the schematic diagram illustrating the monitoring system layout in their NOCs.

Monitoring System Layout


  • The first node is the IP multicast signals from satellite receivers;
  • The second node is the Stream signal after encoder transcoding;
  • The third node is the signal from the streaming server;
  • The forth node is simulated to monitor the final client situation;
  • All of these monitoring systems can be unified managed by the network management system of TSM Web.

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