Broadcast Headend Monitoring Diagram

Broadcast Headend Monitoring Solution

Mividi provides a complete set of tools for the headend QoS monitoring of video services, including Multiviewer, TS analyzer with a full support of TR 101 290 error monitoring, DVB SI and ATSC PSIP based EPG monitoring, loudness monitoring, SCTE35 message logging as well as compliance recording. It supports multiple video input interfaces including IP, ASI and SDI.

IPTV Monitoring Diagram

IPTV Service Monitoring Solution

To monitor the quality of IPTV services, service providers need to monitor the IP layer parameters as well as transport stream errors. The Mividi TSM100 IP Video Monitor System and TSM Probe provide both server and client side monitoring solutions. It can measure IP packet jitter and media loss, MPEG TR 101 290 TS layer errors, as well as video encoding errors such as black and frozen frames.

OTT Video Service Monitoring Diagram

OTT Video Service Monitoring Solution

The Mividi IP Video Multiviewer and other monitoring system (TSM100) provide the most complete OTT video monitoring solutions. It supports a variety of IP streaming protocols including RTP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS and MPEG-DASH protocols, and with a flexible deployment options. It can be deployed in head-ends, CDN and the proximities of video service consumers.

Cloud Video Monitoring Diagram

Cloud Video Monitoring Solution

Mividi provides software based video monitoring solutions ready to be deployed in the cloud. The IP Video monitoring software can be installed in public or private cloud servers and receives video sources over the Internet. It can run unattended with automatic alarming capability when significant stream errors are detected. Operators can also access detailed test results via the web server interface.

MPEG-DASH Analysis and Monitoring

MPEG-DASH Analysis and Monitoring Solution

Mividi TSM100 is a leading professional IP video analyzer and monitor. With the addition of the MPEG-DASH support, it provides a professional tool for analyzing and monitoring live and VOD MPEG-DASH streaming. For comprehensive monitoring of MPEG-DASH streaming videos, the Mividi Video Wall multiviewer app also supports MPEG-DASH videos.

IP Video Monitoring App as a Cloud Service

Running IP Video Monitoring App as a Cloud Service

There are certain benefits to run video monitoring services in the public cloud. It is more convenient that users don’t need to procure and maintain their own hardware systems. The public cloud services are also more reliable since the service providers have more resources to monitor their servers. This application example shows how to run Mividi software application on public cloud server with some cost comparison between running the application in the cloud vs on premise.

Satellite Video Signal Transmission Monitoring Diagram

Monitoring Satellite Video Signal Transmission

The case provides an example of using Mividi IP Video Monitoring System (TSM100) to monitor the quality of digital TV signal transmission using satellite. The satellite station will encode 64 digital TV services, and the encoded video transport streams are modulated into L-band signal for satellite transmission. The transmitted signal is received by multiple IRDs in order to verify transmission quality. The Mividi IP Video Monitoring System (TSM100) is selected to be used for this application due to its ability to monitors high number of transport streams simultaneously.

ARRIS Uses Mividi TSM100 to Trouble-shoot Video Broadcast Systems

Broadcast Remote Station Monitoring Solution

A network broadcaster may own multiple stations in different regions. The broadcast content is generated in central master control room and delivered to remote staions for transmission. This solution provides a way for operators to monitor the quality of video services in remote stations from the central location.

PTV Quality Monitoring in NOC

Encompass Digital Media Uses Mividi Products for Monitoring IPTV Quality in NOC

Encompass Digital Media is a global technology services company for video delivery to support broadcast, cable and digital media service providers. The company designs, implements and operates reliable video solutions that capture, process and deliver clients’ video content from any source, in any format, to any destination in the most efficient manner possible.

China Mobile Using Mividi Systems to Monitor OTT Video Services

China Mobile OTT Video Service Monitoring Using Mividi IMS120 Multiviewer Monitoring System

China Mobile, known as the world’s largest mobile service providers, is an integrated telecom service provider in China. It not only provides mobile services, but also provides landline and Internet services to consumer and business customers. Recently China Mobile has been rolling out OTT video services nationwide and China Mobile Anhui company has selected Mividi IMS120 integrated multiviewer system for QoS monitoring of their OTT services.

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