Subscribe Mividi video monitoring software as a service that runs on Amazon AWS to monitor OTT streaming video.

How Does It Work?

  • Mividi IP video monitoring software (TSM100 and TSM Web) is installed on AWS cloud in any Amazon data center locations based on customer preference.
  • After subscribing the service, each customer will get a dedicated VM instance on AWS that can be accessed by Mividi and the customer. Mividi will provide initial software installation, setup and upgrade services.
  • The customer can access test results via a standard web browser using the TSM Web running in the server. The customer can log into the computer using a Remote Desktop Client or other remote access tool for the full control of the VM and the software.
  • In case of any stream errors, the software will send automatic email notifications to the customer. Please note once the software is initially installed and configured, Mividi will not be monitoring the operation of the software and test results. It’s up to the customer to track the errors on the streams of being monitored.
Mividi SaaS

Benefit of Software as a Service

  • No need to procure and manage computer hardware.
  • Increased reliability of server and network services offered by Amazon AWS.
  • Monitoring applications can be deployed in multiple and flexible geographical locations.
  • The software will be setup and managed by Mividi for fast deployment. No need to learn the details of software setup and maintenance procedures.
  • Pay as you go on a monthly basis.


  • Support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP, and MMS streaming protocols
  • Supports AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 video formats
  • Supports MP3, AAC, AAC plus, and AC3 audio formats
  • Comprehensive TS analysis, including TR 101 290 priority level 1, 2, and 3 errors if the content is in TS format
  • Program and audio/video elementary stream bitrate measurement
  • HTTP session analysis, including HLS playlist syntax, downloading time, media sequence, synchronization of profile streams
  • MPEG-DASH MPD file syntax, downloading time and delay monitoring, synchronization of video and audio streams
  • RTMP and RTSP message monitoring and recording
  • Black frame and freeze detection
  • Audio loudness calculation and monitoring for certain stream formats
  • Input, PID or elementary stream loss detection
  • All errors are logged, and reports can be automatically generated and exported
  • Error alerts can be communicated via SNMP trap, e-mail, SMS and audio
  • Supported short-term stream recording of video clips
  • Supports remote visualization via key frame thumbnail extraction
  • Supports network-wide monitoring using a webserver to collect test results from multiple TS monitoring applications
Nework-wide Video Monitoring

Nework-wide Video Monitoring
Nework-wide Video Monitoring

Nework-wide Video Monitoring


  • Broadcast QoS monitoring
  • Internet broadcast and OTT service QoS monitoring
  • Social media streaming monitoring
  • Streaming service QoE verification on different geographic areas
  • Stream analysis and trouble-shooting

Cost of the Service

AWS VM Instance Rental Price:

AWS VM Instance vCPU Memory (GiB) Window Instance Price Estimated Monitoring Capacity
c5.large 2 4 (GiB) ~$150/month Up to ~30 HLS streams
Up to ~10 MPEG-DASH streams
Up to ~20 RTMP streams
c5.xlarge 4 8 (GiB) ~$300/month Up to ~80 HLS streams
Up to ~30 MPEG-DASH streams
Up to ~50 RTMP streams
c5.2large 8 16 (GiB) ~$550/month Up to ~200 HLS streams
Up to ~80 MPEG-DASH streams
Up to ~100 RTMP streams

Note: The number of streams that can be monitored in each instance may not be exactly as listed for your specific streams.

Mividi Software Subscription Price:

Volume Per Stream Price Monthly Price Range
Less than 10 streams $10/month $10 - $100
11-30 streams $7/month $107 - $240
31-100 streams $3/month $243 - $450
Over 100 streams $2/month $450 -

The total monthly cost will be AWS rental service plus Mividi software subscription price.

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