The SCTE35 splicing message and advertisement insertion monitoring system can be used by service providers to monitor Ad placement opportunities and verify correct Ad insertion. The system will log all SCTE35 messages discovered in the transport streams and perform triggered recording for the verification of Ad insertion process.

SCTE35 and Ad Insertion Monitoring System

Video advertising is a major revenue source for many broadcasters and video service providers. Video advertisements for linear broadcast are inserted into regular program transport streams using digital program insertion technique. Both video service providers and advertising agencies want to know that advertisements are properly broadcasted, and ideally that the advertisements are watched by TV viewers.

ANSI/SCTE 35 - “Digital Program Insertion Cueing Message for Cable” is a standard protocol used by service providers to insert Ads into regular program streams. The SCTE35 defines splicing messages that inform the down-stream processing equipment to insert the advertisement at proper splicing points. Once the down-stream Ad inserter receives the splicing message, the inserter can request the Ad program from Ad server and insert the program into a regular program.

Mividi SCTE35 Monitoring Software monitors all SCTE35 splicing messages in transport streams and records message content and arrival timestamp in the system database. The triggered recording functionality can automatically record a piece of transport stream upon the appearance of a splicing message. Tools for searching and playing back video messages are provided. The service providers can use the system to monitor if the SCTE35 messages are present in the streams, and verify that Ad programs are inserted at the splicing points.

The Mividi SCTE35 Monitoring Software can run as stand-alone application, or as a module in Mividi Video over IP Monitoring System TSM100. TSM100 provides comprehensive analysis of IP and TS layers on MPEG transport stream on standard compliance, video thumbnail decoding, error report and alarm functionalities.

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Real-time SCTE35 Table Monitoring

SCTE35 Table Monitoring

The system will discover and monitor SCTE35 PIDs. All SCTE35 tables are decoded and its content and arrival timestamp are recoded in the system database. The system provides tree view display of decoded SCTE35 table content, bar chart graphic display of SCTE35 splicing message arrival time, and easy to use UI for querying recorded messages based on time period, input, transport stream ID, etc.

Automatic Triggered Recording

The system can automatically record transport streams triggered by the appearance of SCTE35 tables. The recording parameters can be configured, including the file size of each recording, time interval, maximum number of recordings for the same trigger code. Recorded files are saved in local hard drives, while file metadata are saved in the system database for easy search and management of the recorded files. Automatic audio fingerprint match can be applied on the recording files to search for specific content.

Automatic Triggered Content Recording
Automatic Content Recogination

Content Playback and Comparison

The software provides a simple UI for searching and playing back recorded contents. Multiple recording files can be selected and played in sequence. Additionally the software can be used for comparing two streams so that users can manually check if Ad programs are correctly inserted.

Remote User Interface

The Remote UI application can be used to view test results and control the monitoring system remotely. Unlike a typical browser-based web view, the Remote UI is a fully featured Windows® application, and dynamically displays video thumbnails and all test results. The Remote UI application can be installed on the local monitoring system, or a Windows 7, 10 PC connected to the monitoring system via an IP network. Even when the Remote UI software is not running, the monitoring service can run automatically based on preconfigured parameters for unmanned 24 by 7 operations.

Remote User Interface


  • SCTE35 monitoring and decoding
    • Monitor SCTE35 PIDs
    • Decode SCTE35 tables and display table content
    • Monitor, timestamp and record all SCTE35 tables in database
  • Auto-triggered recording following SCTE35 splicing messages
    • Triggered transport stream recording immediately after an appearance of an SCTE35 tables
    • Configurable parameters including the length of recording, recoding period and file path
    • Database entry for recorded files which contain input, TS and program information
    • Easy methods for searching and managing recorded files
  • Decode video key frames and display video thumbnail on all input programs to verify program content
  • Monitor and decode PSI, DVB SI and PSIP tables
  • Automatically reporting and alarms using email with flexible trigger conditions
  • MPEG transport stream recording and playback
  • Easy to use remote user interface
  • Report generation and statistics on test results
  • Inputs
    • Transport streams via Ethernet or ASI interfaces
    • Supports broadcast stream and Internet streaming media using HLS, HTTP protocols


  • IP Input/Output
    • Ethernet (RJ45 or Optical), 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps
    • DVB ASI
  • Administration
    • Access: Remote management
  • System Requirements
    • Memory: 8GB DDR2 SDRAM
    • Hard Disk Drive: Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk, DVD-RW
    • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016

We offer software or fully-integrated systems for this product. Please see the list below for details.

Model Description
Model SCM200-S Software only
Model SCM200-R Preinstalled in a rack mountable computer

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