Video Service QoS and QoE Monitoring

IP Video QoS Test & Monitoring System - TSM100

Video stream QoS monitoring, transport stream analysis, error logging and alarm. The system is designed for headend video stream monitoring for network broadcasters, broadband and IPTV service providers. It supports a number of input streaming formats including UDP, RTP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and SRT.

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IP Video QoE Probe - TSP250

The Mividi® TSM Probe is based on a mini computer that runs Mividi TSM100 software and can be deployed anywhere. The TSM probes can be managed by a TSM Web server for remote access and data aggregation over the Internet.

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Web Management Software for Video Monitoring Systems and Probes - TSM Web

The TSM Web is a web service program for managing Mividi Video Monitoring Systems. It provides a gateway and browser interface for remote access to the monitoring servers and probes.

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TSM for Broadband

The Mividi TSM for Broadband IP video monitoring system is similar to Mividi TSM100, but optimized for high bandwidth video service monitoring in core network. The system is offered as a turnkey solution in order to achieve maximum performance. If you have more than 300 video services to monitor, consider this solution.

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Multiviewer Products

Broadcast Multiviewer Professional – IMS120

A combo product that includes multiviewer, TS analyzer and basic stream recorder module for comprehensive broadcast monitoring, analysis and trouble-shooting.

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IP Streaming Video Multiviewer - WSM120

This product contains multiviewer only and supports most common Internet streaming formats. It provides a low-cost solution for multiviewer monitoring of IP streaming video.

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Stream Analyzer and Compliance Recorder

Broadcast Compliance Recording System - AMR130

A software-based solution for compliance recording and monitoring of broadcast and OTT video streaming services to replace expensive hardware-based systems.

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SCTE35 and DPI Monitoring System - SCM200

Real-time SCTE35 monitoring and logging to confirm advertisement insertion marks; triggered stream recording by SCTE35 messages.

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Audio Loudness Monitoring & Logging System - ALM150

A software based solution for audio loudenss measurement according to ITU-R BS.1770-5. The audio loudness data and audio input stream can be saved for days based on customer configuration.

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Streaming Products

Internet Streaming to UDP Stream Converter – ILG200

A stream format converter for converting OTT video streaming format to UDP streams. User cases include rebroadcasting Internet streaming content in managed network, media delivery over the Internet.

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